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Course Description

Most comprehensive coverage of FAR-2 with 150+ hours lecture time focusing on:

- Common sense based conceptual learning of concepts

- Solving 100+ examples & past paper questions in class

- Specific focus on what can be tested in exams and the best formats & techniques to use in exams

- 10+ tests & mock exams

Key Features

- Fortnightly Live Interactive Session

- Dedicated WhatsApp Groups for Q & A

- Full Course Access Till Upcoming attempt

- 24/7 Support-Study at your own comfort

- Standard Testing System

- Quality Video Lectures

Course Outline

General introduction to the course outline
Module 1: Overview & Basics
Module 2: FAR-1 Revision
Revision of IAS 2 'Inventory'Free
Revision of IAS 16 'Property plant & equipment'Free
Revision of IAS 40 'Investment Property'Free
Revision of IAS 20Free
Revision of IAS 23
Module 3: Intangible Assets (IAS 38 & SIC 32)
Module 4: Agriculture (IAS 41)
IAS 41 CAF 5 exam practice
Module 5: Changes in decommissioning, restoration and similar liabilities (IFRIC 1)
IFRIC 1 Changes in decommissioning, restoration and similar liabilities
IFRIC 1 CAF 5 exam practice
Module 6: Events after the reporting period and Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (IAS 10 & 37)
Events after the reporting period
Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (IAS 37)
IAS 10/37 CAF 5 exam practice
Module 7: Financial instruments (IFRS 9)
Module 8: Revenue from Contracts with Customers (IFRS 15)
Module 9: Leases (IFRS 16)
Module 10: The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates (IAS 21)
Module 11: Operating Segments (IFRS 8)
CAF 5 exam practice
Module 12: Code of ethics for Chartered Accountants in Business
Module 13: IAS 33 FAR-1 Revision
Module 14: Income Taxes (IAS 12)
Module 15: Preparation of financial statements (IAS 1 & Companies Act)
Lecture 91
Lecture 92
Lecture 93
Module 16: Preparation of Group financial statements (IFRS 10, IAS 27, IAS 28, IFRS 3)
Module 17: Past Paper Practice
Lecture 111 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 112 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 113 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 114 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 115 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 116 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 117 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 118 [NEW LECTURE]
Lecture 119 [NEW LECTURE]
Ammar Ahmed

Ammar Ahmed

Mr. Ammar Ahmed is a qualified Chartered Accountant (Pakistan). He qualified CA at the age of 21 and took less than 4 years to pass all his CA exams. He qualified CA examinations in 2012 and obtained Gold Medals & Merit Certificates in 9 CA subjects, including Gold Medals in most of the subjects that he teaches.

Ammar is a CFA (Level 3 qualified) and passed his L3 exams with a 90th percentile score. He is an Alumni of Harvard Business School (one of the top business schools of the world) having graduated on-campus Program equivalent to Executive MBA with a class distinction. He is also currently doing MS Finance from University College London (amongst the top 10 universities of the World).

Mr. Ammar has been teaching CA CFAP / MSA subjects since 2012 with excellent results (>60% passed students) with 4000+ students having passed respective paper, 5 student distinctions & 600+ CA qualified students.

Ammar has 13 years of professional experience and has led teams & departments in Marketing, Strategy & Finance divisions at a Large MNC. He is a member of the Accounting Standards Board's Technical Advisory Group since 2017.

Mr. Ammar has also attended on-campus Executive education programs at INSEAD (one of the top business schools of the world) and LUMS (one of the best business schools in Pakistan).

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